Broadway Zone

Broadway theaters have been a destination for New York locals and tourists for many years. Here are five of the most beautiful listed in no particular rank.

American Airlines Theatre was formerly known as Selwyn Theatre. In the 1990′s, the city took possession and it was remodeled and opened again with a new name. Visitors claim the Italian renaissance design is breathtaking.

The Broadway Theatre is one of the most recognizable theatres in New York and arguably the most popular. The first Mickey Mouse cartoon was played here in 1928

Ambassador Theatre has a capacity of around 1,100 it has played host too many famous plays. It also is considered a landmark by the city of New York. Currently it is host to the play Chicago since 2003.

Foxwoods Theatre is a relatively new Broadway theatre only being opened in 1998. It is well known for its auditoriums art deco look as well as many famous Tony award winning plays.

Palace Theatre is another theatre with a long history and beautiful interiors as well as exterior lights on the building. On top of the history and the artistic side of the building, it is rumored to be haunted by a ghost as well.

The above listed are only a fraction of what Broadway has to offer in terms of beautiful theaters.

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